is a UK based independent producer of TV documentaries and special interest programmes. We have almost twenty years production experience, starting in 1982 as Our Video Company, which produced the acclaimed Barbara Woodhouse World of Horses - the first ever independent production for the BBC. Since then OVC has produced many hours of programming including Dizzy Gillespie 's last ever concert in the UK which was shot as a co-production, also with the BBC. In 1994 OVC set up its own DVD label and in recent years has produced one of the largest and most successful collections of sport, health and fitness, wildlife, ballet.......and many more

All our programs and productions are available for licensing and broadcast throughout the world.

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African Odyssey (Duration: 13 x 30 mins)
Blazing sunsets, vast landscapes, scorching deserts, great rivers, waterfalls and mountains; lush deltas, huge dunes, palm fringed beaches, and shimmering salt more and view clip

A Nightingale Sang (Duration: 60 or 90 mins)
Dedicated to Nat King Cole and his music, this show was recorded at the Savoy Theatre, London.. An all star cast headed by Nina Simone, featuring Danny more and view clip

Snowboarding (Duration: 50 mins)
EXPLODING SNOWBOARDING breaks new ground in Snowboarding movies, but still keeps within the traditional of past Snowboarding blockbusters! It includes everything that has made past movies successful, big more and view clip

Legends Of Tennis (Duration: 45 mins )
A fascinating documentary featuring some of the greatest stars of Tennis. The programme shows them demonstrating their skills in past games, coupled with comments from them about the Tennis world of more and view clip